CV (en)

Oleg Strizhechenko, 25 y.o. Developer: backend, linux, c, python, etc.

Location: Russia, Yekaterinburg. Looking to relocation.

Salary expectation: about 45000-80000€, depends of where to work.





  • Russian native
  • English - secondary, I am taking an english courses now, current level - something about intermediate/upper-intermediate.

Programming languages and skills, expirience.


  • Junior system administrator in few little companies (1 year, part time work).
  • Tandem University - Univesities automation system. Q/A.
  • Ideco ASR / Ideco AS / Carbon Billing 4 - linux based (2.4 kernel) softrouter and billing for little ISP (about 2000-10000 abonents). Q/A, support, developer.
  • Linux distro (like CoreOS but with chroots instead of normal containers) and building system for Carbon Billing 5 based on CentOS 6. (developer)
  • Carbon Billing 5 - billing for ISP with up to 100000 abonents. Frequently helping to neighbor team with some system/linux/network problems. (developer)
  • Carbon XGE Router - linux based (2.6 kernel) softrouter with cool shapers, ipsets, easy to use with Carbon Billing 5 (main developer).
  • Carbon Reductor - DPI and MitM for russian ISPs. Lead developer. Now it used by more than 350 ISP with 1000-100000 users.


I just have some fun with graphviz recently so you can look at my “skill map”: SVG or PNG.



  • Good thing if code is fit to the screen and does not contain functions.
  • Long time ago I have much expirience with using eval and unit-testing in shell but I do not want it again.
  • toolchain: vim > atom, bash -eux, shellcheck


  • Tweepy - I like to make simple twitter-bots. Some time ago compiled common code in my wrapper github.
  • Pymorphy2 - twitterbots sometimes require to generate russian texts, and this library can inflect russian words perfectly.
  • Flask - the only thing I like to use in web development to minimize pain (I am not a web developer, but sometimes I need some small work with it). For example - mini-app that parse trolleybus arrival info: (github).
  • Flask-api - I love it for being simple and clean. Have used it as proxy between postgres and influxdb, used for analytic/monitoring purpose.
  • Qdns / dnspython - wrote multithreading dns resolver with smart cache + custom gethostsbyname call, that query every domain server used in system and sum up their resonses.
  • Have expirience about parsing web-pages and using API of social networks (XML/JSON) and services like vk / twitter / uber / soundcloud.
  • Toolchain: vim > atom > PyCharm CE, nosetests, pylint, ipython, cProfile.


  • Linux kernel, netfilter, iptables - realtime DPI and MitM for HTTP & DNS, works with 1-40gbit/s bandwidth. Know how to tune linux network stack up to top of its capabilities.
  • Pf_ring - about 4-10 hours of experiments.
  • Netflow processing - port from x86 to x86_64 one legacy-project about collect and aggregate netflow statistic, make some fixes to work with 5 and 9 netflow versions.
  • Toolchain: vim > atom, cmocka, gcc/clang, clang-format, clang-check, gdb, strace, gprof, make, valgrind.


  • I almost entirely understand everything about Linux network performance - (RPS, RRS, Coalesce/Buffer size, network cards choose, etc).
  • I know much about utils for troubleshooting of network problems and server performance: iproute2, ethtool, ss, procps, bind-utils, top, iotop, oprofile, ftrace.
  • Writing almost perfect shell-code, know my tools well (coreutils, grep, awk, sed, etc).
  • Problem: currently stucked on RHEL6 cause company policy and want to real expirience with systemd and newer Linux systems.


I am working with 400+ ISP in russia for 5+ years as Q/A, support, developer and product owner now.

I have a little lack of systemized knowledge about specific equipment, but know much about realtime traffic analyzing, insides of popular protocols and very familliar with tcpdump/tshark.

Also I know capabilities and problems some network equipment can provide.


Recently, by influence of @backendsecret from twitter, I decided to touch postgres capabilities with json/jsonb queries.

Hard, uninteresting and terrible technical details part: In beginning I had markdown text, collected in bash-script, parsed it in python, convert it to json and put it in jsonb-field of postgres (raw data), exposed to analytic server by transparent backend writen with flask-api. “Analytic server” is influxdb and grafana, meh.

Weird, but task is done and I have gather my necessary information and statistic.

influxdb / grafana / metrics

Use it about 2 years to collect and visualize data, commonly related to business, not tech (but it's too). Examples:

  • data about paid bills of current project
  • my estimated monthly wage
  • bugs/problems statistic about servers of customers, used to prevent mass bug spread
  • unit, functional and performance tests results from jenkins.
  • uber prices for drive to home/work: github :)



Active user, write much wrappers to deploy VM / containers. Know many about building tricky/efficient network communication and routing between them. Much exp in traffic capture and analyze.

  • openvz
  • lxc
  • libvirt + qemu/kvm
  • heroku (free account for twitterbots)


I like to create human oriented structurized documentation, FAQs and translations, that really helps to solve problems. Like rst and Markdown, wiki like a confluence. For example: Carbon Reductor docs. Like to help guys from marketing to write press-releases about new version with new features descriptions on user language (have little worries that I bury this skill cause main language shift).

Side Skills

  • c++, java, php, javascript, go
  • familiar with letsencrypt, openssl, uwsgi, nginx, redis

Want to learn more

It's not about “solve 1-2 problems with stackoverflow”, but about closely reading all the docs and about 200 hours of expirience with it.

  • selinux
  • graphite
  • systemd
  • netfilter of current version of Linux kernel and it's new capabilities
  • ansible - love and frequently use it
  • continuous queries in influxdb
  • docker
  • openstack
  • write twitterbot with golang
  • profiling and optimizing sql in postgres
  • combining zabbix (as alerter) and influxdb
  • tweepy twitter streaming api in twitterbot-utils
  • python-midi (drums, other instruments, virtual midi controller, combine with garageband)
  • gcov automation
  • Kbuild и dkms insides
  • right usage of pipelines in jenkins (now i use it only like a crond with web and history to run tests)
  • oprofile usage for profile userspace applications
  • nginx performance tuning (something deeper than just increase worker count and enable e-poll usage)
  • finish read books about machine learning or continue stopped on 2nd week coursera courses from Andrew Ng

Programming books I've read

  • The Pragmatic Programmer
  • An Introducion to programming on Go
  • The Mythical Man-Month
  • Cord of enouth len for shooting your leg (have no idea of its english title)
  • C Programming language
  • Linux kernel primer
  • Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering
  • Dive into python
  • Clean code (Bob Martin)
  • Agile technologies, Extreme Programming and RUP.
  • The main question of coding, refactoring and everything.
  • Human factor. Successful projects and commands.
  • Scrum and XP, notes from frontline
  • Extreme programming
  • Advanced Bash Scripting Guide
  • Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control
  • Iptables Tutorial 1.1.19
  • Unix in a nutshell
  • Art of the Unix programming
  • Advanced Linux programming
  • Network Performance Tuning (Jamie Bainbridge and Jon Maxwell)

Programming books I’m reading now

  • SRE. How google runs production software.
  • Introduction to machine learning with Python.

OS I prefere:

  • Local development: OS X / Fedora 24
  • Servers: CentOS 6 / Centos 7

Other info

  • Twise was weekly author of @kernelunderhood - twitter about system programming.
  • Curator of @sorrowunderhood - collective twitter account where programmers complaining about technologies.
  • Like to create and listen to electronic music, visit theatres and concerts, watch sci-fi/cyberpunk/arthouse movies, retrogaming.