I’ve been searching for some way to visualize my skills today, for fun mostly. At first I was trying to use GraphML and Gephi and it was: Hard, Slow, GUI and Ugly.

After one hour of efforts I listened to @Shoonoise and gave dot a try. Aaaaand it’s perfect human-oriented “language”! Just look at this example:

digraph G {
    Documentation -> Markdown;
    Documentation -> Confluence;
    Documentation -> Wiki;
    Documentation -> RST;
    Documentation -> ReadTheDocs;
    SCM -> Ansible;
    ProductManagement -> Scrum;
    ProductManagement -> Jira;
    ProductManagement -> Agile;

No <node id="1" label="SCM"/>, no <edge source="1" target="2"/>. Just human readable text!

I don’t remember how I got it, it was long ago, when I profiled python for first time. Maybe pip install graphviz will help, maybe port install pydot.

And result of two hours of “fun”, generated from DOT (source) by:

sfdp -Goverlap=prism  share/my-skills.gv | gvmap -e | neato -Ecolor="#55555522" -n2 -Tsvg > images/my-skills.svg
sfdp -Goverlap=prism  share/my-skills.gv | gvmap -e | neato -Ecolor="#55555522" -n2 -Tpng > images/my-skills.png